Automate your software development process

We can help you reduce costs and optimize your software development workflow. Prevent bugs, release features more quickly and receive customer feedback earlier.

Build Automation

The first step towards continous deployment. Automate software compilation to reduce deployment costs. Use Docker to run your software in virtual machines, so you can scale quickly and don't have to worry about hardware failure. Catch exceptions automatically, so your developers can learn about bugs when they happen. Use containers to scale up your online service in minutes instead of days. Use a single environment for develop, test en production - no more suprises. Easily connect to hundreds of services and data centers.

Test Automation

After automating the compilation process, you can do the same for testing. Discover bugs as soon as possible with test automation. Deploy only code which passes all tests. This way, you can guarantee that features will keep on working. With automated tests, programming becomes more fun and productive, since you can make changes to your code with confidence.

Continuous Integration

Instead of waiting for release day, all developers merge their changes as quickly as possible to the master branch. This merged code is tested automatically. This speeds up software development and enhances stability. By sharing new code as fast as possible, there is minimal friction (and merge conflicts) in your development team.

Continuous Delivery

Releasing a new version becomes as easy as pressing a button. The road from idea to realized feature is shorter than ever. A short value cycle is valuable for you and for your customers.

Continuous Deployment

Releasing a new version is fully automated. Changes to code trigger a process that builds your software, tests it and releases it if it passes. Now your value cycle is even shorter.

How we can help

We can offer advice and consultancy to improve your software development workflow. We look at your stack and deployment process, and give advice on how to improve it. We can realize these improvemnts by ourselves, or we can train development teams to make their workflow more efficient.

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