Developing SAAS services with Ruby on Rails

What is Ruby on Rails, and when should you use it?

Ruby on Rails is one of the most widely used Frameworks to write web applications with. It is written in the Ruby programming language - a language that is very easy to read.

Why use Rails

  • Many available libraries. Thousands of libraries have been written for Ruby (and Rails), giving you a quick solution to many problems.
  • Fast development. With Rails, you can build large, relatively complex applications in a short time.
  • Reliable. Rails is used by many large software companies and has therefore proven itself considerably.
  • Suitable for APIs**. You can create both full websites and APIs with Rails.

Combine with...

Rails is primarily a server application, and thus (often) needs a front-end to display the data. We recommend developing the front-end with React.

Looking for a Ruby on Rails development team?

Ontola is a full-service development agency that can help you develop a Ruby on Rails application.