We help you realize your online platform

A full-stack web development team to build your feature-rich web application.

Software that evolves with your organization

We build software that is designed to change over time. Updates in your models and designs require minimal changes in code, which keeps development and maintenance costs as low as possible. This makes sure that your platform can grow with your vision.

All the features that you need

Whether you need commenting, authentication, single-sign-on, notifications, an e-mail service, an intuitive REST API, linked data, data export, search, rights management, version control, document editing... Name it; we've got you covered.

Online within weeks

Using our WebTools technology, we can realize feature-rich and customized applications in short timeframes. We work Agile, so you get to see the changes as they happen and maintain a high degree of control during the development process.

No lock-in

Standards make software better. Our code is written using conventions and popular technology, so your developers can pick up where we left off. Where needed, we train your developers to work with the stack that we provide. Our RESTful APIs are built on W3C standards, so your data will be highly reuseable. This way, you don't become dependent on us.

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Technology on an enterprise level

Curious about our tools? We build our back-ends on Ruby on Rails, coupled with our WebTools framework. We use a microservice architecture to maximize flexibility and reusability. Our software is built in docker images, which makes scaling as easy as possible. We develop user-friendly, fast, responsive and offline-capable front-ends in React. To maximize development speed and prevent bugs, we follow strict development methods.

How we can help

We can help realize a fully functional MVP for your project or start-up, realize a custom made intranet platform or set up the core for a new SAAS company. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you!

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