We help you transform data into linked data.

Upgrade your data quality

Not all data is created equal. Linked data is the most reusable, structured and standardized way to store information. Save costs, increase accessibility and prevent issues. There are good reasons for why it’s also known as 5 ★ data.

We'd love to help you realize your linked data ambitions.

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From three star to five star data

Open up and connect your data models

The accuracy and compatibility of your data model determines how much value you can extract from it. The ontology is the open model backbone of linked data. Having a machine readable, well-standardized ontology enables us to generate documentation, interfaces, data validation tools and much more.

We help you find or design the best ontology or vocabulary for your information.

A data model linked to external models

Break open your data silos

Prevent costly vendor lock-in and API hell by storing your data in a linked data warehouse. Access all information through a uniform, W3C compliant, linked data API.

We can help you improve your data strategy and set up a reliable, flexible and secure infrastrucure.

Import data from various servers, serve uniformly to different devices

A powerful back-end needs a powerful front-end

Your data should not only be stored; it should be used. We specialize in developing interactive linked data systems, where users create and edit resources. Our frontend applications adapt their views to changes in your data model.

We have many years of experience building easy to use front-end applications on pure linked data back-ends.

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Some of our projects

Open Besluitvorming

Open Besluitvorming (Open Decision Making) collects meeting data from over 120 Dutch local governments and converts everything to linked open data, accessible through a uniform API and search engine. This project is a collaboration between the VNG, the Open State Foundation and us.

Link-Lib / Link-Redux

We've developed Link as a set of open source libraries for front-end web applications. They help to fetch, store, access and ultimately render linked data. The built-in reasoner helps to find the best fitting view for new types of data.

RDF Serializers

We’ve developed an open source library for serializing linked data with the popular framework Ruby On Rails. It serializes to RDF/XML, Turtle, N3, N-triples and JSON-LD.


Argu is an e-democracy platform that makes decision making processes more interactive and transparent. It is designed to facilitate civil, structured discussions, voting procedures and online brainstorming to find solutions to problems. All data on Argu is accessible as linked data through its intuitive REST API.

How we work

  1. 1. Listen & understand

    Good consultancy starts with listening carefully. Together with you, we will look at your data sources and discuss how they are used. Whether you want to start with a small linked data pilot project or transition to a full-stack linked data warehouse, we will help you find the best way to realize your goal.

  2. 2. Find or design an ontology

    Linked data is all about standardization. Using an existing model, standard, vocabulary or taxonomy makes your data more reusable, so we will help you find existing ontologies that work for you. If such an open model does not yet exist, we can help you design a fitting ontology. We'll make sure your ontology matches your data and works for your use cases. We use international W3C standards, such as SHACL, RDFs and OWL to describe your domain.

  3. 3. Extract, transform, load

    We’ll set up an ETL architecture that imports your data, whether that’s a data dump, an existing application API, or anything else. All will be converted into linked data. Our ETL structure works event-driven, so we can easily set up a notification service, push messaging

  4. 4. Software development

    We build systems that make it really easy to modify and view your linked data. Whether you need an intuitive web interface or a custom made machine interface: we’ve got you covered. We're experienced full stack developers who build both backends and frontends. We know how to work with Ruby (on Rails), Javascript, Node, Typescript, Python, HTML, CSS, Docker, Continuous Integration and more.

  5. 5. Publish

    All your data can be made accessible and editable through a RESTful Hypermedia API that serializes to JSON, JSON-LD, N3, N-Triples, CSV, RDF/XML and more. We can make everything searchable and queryable with Cypher, SPARQL, GRAPHQL and ElasticSearch. You set read / write permissions, we make sure only the right people and systems can access your data.

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