Managing cloud environments with Kubernetes

Managing software and the machines that are running it can be a challenge. Kubernetes makes it easy to manage and deploy software on a cluster of machines.

Why use Kubernetes?

We at Ontola use Kubernetes for most of our deployments.

  • Automate deployments. Achieve continuous integration by deploying your software automatically and programmatically.
  • Easy scaling. Grow or shrink your cluster of machines automatically, and only scale the applications that need it.
  • Self-healing. Automatically restart containers that fail.
  • High compatibility. Works with AWS, DigitalOcean, Azure, Google, and others.
  • Easier devops. With Kubernetes, most of the logic and configuration required for managing your applications is stored in standardized, re-usable files.

Need help?

The Kubernetes documentation and tutorials are a great place to start. If you need any other help with Kubernetes to manage your devops, feel free to get in touch!