NextJS website development

What is NextJS, and when should you work with it?

NextJS is a modern framework for building websites. It combines the flexibility of modern web applications with the speed of static websites. By making clever use of Server Side Rendering (SSR), NextJS applications can be loaded very quickly into browsers. NextJS uses the React framework. This builds websites with components, which are reusable. This modular approach allows a NextJS website to grow.

This website is also built in NextJS. You can view the source code on Github.

Why Use NextJS

  • Fast loading, fast clicking. NextJS supports static site generation (SSG), server-side rendering (SSR), and client-side rendering (CSR). As a result, NextJS applications load extremely fast.
  • Better SEO. Due to the short loading times, your pages rank better in search engines.
  • Works with virtually all back-ends. NextJS works with various CMS systems and databases, such as Stripe, Contentful or any RESTFul APIs
  • Easy Deployability. Services like AWS Amplify and Vercel make hosting NextJS applications very fast.
  • Translations. You can make NextJS websites work well in different languages.
  • Fast development. NextJS is nice to work with because it allows you as a developer to get results at a fast pace.
  • Images. NextJS converts images to the right sizes, without you having to optimize yourself when uploading. This saves time and keeps the website fast.

Combine with...

You can choose to manage your NextJS application data as files in Git, but that's not useful if your content changes a lot, or if non-programmers need to be able to modify the content. You can use services like Contentful, or develop a custom back-end.

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