Developing React JS web applications

React JS is the most popular front-end Javascript Library to develop web applications with. It was developed by Facebook, and then used as an Open Source library in many thousands of projects.

Why use React?

We at Ontola are fans of React - most of our projects (including this website) are built with it. So in many cases we recommend developing web applications with it.

  • Re-usable components. In React you build components, which can be shared between screens and between applications. This keeps your code manageable and modular.
  • Gigantic community. A large community means that it is easy to find solutions if you have a problem. In addition, there are very many ready-to-use components to be found. Finally, you can also find many developers for it!
  • Fast development. Building with React is fast - and a productive developer means a happy customer!
  • Flexible deployment. React can be used from highly dynamic, agile applications, to static websites (like this one).
  • Short loading times. With React, web applications can be built both on the server (SSR), and in the browser. This makes for very short loading times!

Combine with...

React is a front-end library, and thus (often) needs a back-end where the data should come from. A few suitable options (which we also work with a lot) are: