Svelte / SvelteKit website development

What is Svelte, and when is it wise to use?


Svelte is a modern framework for developing websites and web applications. You can think of it as a kind of React or Angular, but with some innovations that make it faster and nicer to work with. We have written mostly React applications in the past few years, but we got really excited about Svelte after trying it out We find that developing in Svelte is even faster than in React. And we're not the only ones who are positive about Svelte, as it was the most loved framework in recent StackOverlfow surveys.


SvelteKit offers additional features on top of Svelte, such as routing, static site generation (SSG) and server-side rendering (SSR). If Svelte is a kind of React, then SvelteKit is a kind of NextJS. It combines the flexibility of modern Web applications with the speed of static Web sites.

Why SvelteKit

  • Very fast. Both on loading, and every subsequent click: with Svelte(Kit) you get an extremely fast website.
  • Choose your own back-end. You can connect SvelteKit to different data sources. Choose your own (Headless, open source) CMS, such as Strapi or Atomic-Server, or use an existing RESTFul API.
  • Easily deploy to the edge. Cloudflare, Netflify and Vercel support Sveltekit. So deploy to all corners of the world very easily.
  • Fast development. Because Svelte(Kit) has a fine workflow, development goes nice and fast.

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