Typescript software development

When is it wise to choose Typescript?

Typescript is a programming language that adds several features to the popular Javascript. The most important of these is type-safety, which means that as a developer you can define the data type of functions and variables. This allows many errors in code to be seen much earlier, so your applications have fewer bugs.

Why Typescript instead of Javascript

When we can choose between the two, we practically always go for Typescript. For example, this website was also written in Typescript (with React and NextJS)

  • Less bugs. Because you encounter many errors (type-related bugs) much earlier, you have fewer bugs in production.
  • Faster development. With Typescript, your code editor often gives much better autocompletions. This makes development faster.
  • Easy to learn. If you can do javascript, you can already do most of Typescript.
  • Front-end and back-end. You can use Typescript in the browser, because it compiles to Javacsript, but you can also create server side (Node or Deno) apps with it.

Convert existing Javascript project to Typescript

Strictly speaking, it is a superset of Javascript, which means that all Javascript is also valid Typescript. This means that it is possible to take an existing Javascript project, and convert it to Typescript piece by piece. You can step by step turn up the strictness, and thus slowly but surely improve your code quality.

Looking for a Typescript development team?

Ontola has a lot of experience with Typescript, both in the front-end and the back-end. Get contact to discuss your needs!