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Designing a UI for a Personal Online Datastore

In this article, we'll discuss an open source, creative commons set of UI designs for a web-based personal data store.

On linked data surveys, rewards and data ownership

In this article, we'll discuss how linked data can make surveys more easy to manage, increase response rates using rewards, create new benefits for users and more.

Tutorial: Building a React front-end app with RDF Data, powered by Link and Solid

You can use Link to build a React application that consumes linked data. We'll help you step-by-step.

Full-stack linked data: lessons from building an RDF web app

We went all-in on RDF, and build an application that's linked data through-and-through. It was a challenging ride, and it led us to some interesting solutions.

Ordered data in RDF: About Arrays, Lists, Collections, Sequences and Pagination

In this article, we'll discuss one of the most confusing but important topics of RDF: the various ways you can create ordered data.

Publishing Dutch governmental meetings as linked data

We've aggregated meeting data from over 250+ Dutch governmental organisations and are now publishing it as linked data.

Using ontologies in Javascript apps

Our new @ontologies NPM package helps developers write RDF applications in Javascript.

What's the best RDF serialization format?

Since RDF has a wide variety of serialization formats, it's hard to pick the best one. This post will help you to find out.


JSON-HAL and JSON-LD can be made to be fully compatible with each other. We'll discuss how in this article.

Best practices for RESTful API design

How do you design great RESTful APIs? This artricle provides do's and dont's for designing an API.

A brief introduction to linked data

What is linked data, and what makes it useful? In this article, we'll take a piece of information and upgrade its data quality step by step, until it's linked data.