A web application for Groenlinks, modernizing its online and offline campaigns.

The question

As a political party, your members are your most important tool for growth - they are your campaginers. An important part of their activities, is going door-to-door. They need a route, where are they going to ring the bell? Which areas require most attention, which have the most potential? And above all - what do they do with the results? GLAPP was developed for this purpose.

Our solution

We developed the GLAPP, the Green Left App. This web application makes it easy for volunteers to join the campaign and for campaign managers to make sure everything goes smooth.

Processing results

Results of the conversations volunteers have while going door-to-door are entered into the GLAPP. This updates the potential in that neighborhood, so other volunteers know in which areas they have most impact. The data is always converted to an average on street level, so no personal data is stored.

Privacy first

For our client, privacy is a major concern. That's why we kept privacy in our mind during every step of the development. Filtering our logs, limiting access to data from certain areas, two factor authentication, aggregating results instead of storing it per address: everything to make sure no personal data is ever stored or shown to and unauthorized user.

Multilevel dashboards

We created multiple dashboard so different people with different roles can access the data they need. The data can be filtered and exported to fit all uses.


Doing repetitive tasks can be exhausting. That's why we made the app not only as easy to use as possible, but also fun to use! Both campaign managers and volunteers are encouraged to continue their efforts by showing cheerful texts and granting badges for their hard work.

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